Jewelry Design and Repair

Le Plume Jewelry Design brings you unique, beautiful jewelry pieces. Not only do we create works of art, we also repair them and update them for you.

Services We Offer


Create Jewelry

We create customize jewelry that fit your needs. We make perfectly gorgeous jewelry pieces you will be proud to wear for any occasion. We design jewelry for a formal night out, or an understated look for a business function, or a whimsical jewelry piece for your perfect daily-wear jewelry. We can match your jewelry to your hobbies and your interests no matter how unusual they might seem.

Restore Jewelry

You might have jewelry that has gotten a little outdated. Maybe your grandmother left you some wonderful pieces but you never wear them. They just don't look right with today's styles. Le Plume Jewelry has the answer. Bring them to us for a face lift! We'll give them a new, younger look. You will still recognize them but they will look new, updated and uniquely yours.

Re-Purpose Jewelry

Maybe you have some dressy jewelry pieces that you never wear. You love them, but you have a casual life style. They don't go with anything you have; pearls just don't go well with your tennis dress, your sweats or your hiking gear. We can take those dressy styles and redesign your jewelry. We can make them into a more casual design or we can also take those casual pieces and dress them up for you.