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All photos and product images on the web site are the property of Le Plume Jewelry Design and may not be reproduced or used without prior written consent. The really nice looking photos were done by Plume Photography.

Privacy Policy

Le Plume Jewelry Design is dedicated to respecting your privacy. Any personal information we collect from you will only be used to provide good customer service and to maintain communications. We do not share your contact or sales information with other companies or publish it. If we ever offer you the option to share your personal informaion with other companies, it will be opt-in only with you choosing to do so.

We may use your contact information to contact you, send you periodic information to which you subscribed, or to help service an order. If at any time you want to be removed from our contact list, please let us know and we will remove your information in three business days.

We may analyze anonymous web browser informatoin, such as how you reach our web site, what pages you visit, any web page errors that you may encounter and what size of screen you are using. This information helps us improve your experience on the web site. No tracking methods or cookies are attempted from this web site.

About the Web Code

This web page was coded by Lee Jones, by hand, using Notepad++. It is powered by jQuery, CSS and some javascript (so, it is HTML5).

The initial layout and design was based off of Shinra, a free template by Luiszuno. Shinra made use of Superfish, PoshyTip and a whole bunch of other things. Unforutnately, it also loaded every single one on every single page, so performance was poor (but it does look nice out-of-the-box). The original Shinra template was fixed width and did not adapt to mobile browsers. I have changed the code until all sizes were relative and adapted for various mobile browsers I cared about, such as the iPhone. (You should check out the site on a phone and a laptop.)

The slideshow on the welcome page is Nivo Slider, modified only slightly. I am using jquery.touchwipe.min.js by Andreas Waltl of netCU Internetagentur for the touch functions on the slideshow.

The gallery page uses PhotoSwipe for the touch-enabled full-screen slide-show. The gallery page loads different images depending upon the browser's pixel width and density with some custom code, and governs columns with CSS media queries.

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